Brave Park

Just another added benefit to


living in Strathmore.

Brave Park, Strathmore's Newest Public Park


3:00 PM

Event Kickoff

3:30 PM

Introduction of Not In My City

3:45 PM

Preferred Home Builders Showcase

Winter Games and Activities

Refreshments and Food

Community Engagement

Collaborative Partner Engagement

6:30 PM

Fireworks Display


Explore floorplans and show homes
Connect with the community and learn about small-town living
Free - Maple syrup toffee lollipops, Savory marshmallow smores, Hot chocolate, Coffee
For Sale - Ciders by Origin Brewery, and Baldwin BBQ offerings
Supporting Strathmore Legion: The event's food and beer sales contribute to the Strathmore Legion
Enjoy street hockey, winter games (Weather permitting) and activities for attendees

Supporting our Frontline and Healthcare Workers

Brave Park serves as both an inspiration to our future generations and a heartfelt tribute to our past, ensuring that the indelible marks left by those who came before us are forever etched in history.

Conceived in December of 2020, Brave Park emerged from the fusion of a pressing need for a public park and a heartfelt desire to pay homage to the Pillars of Our Community and honor our heroes. This park was born out of the prevailing challenges posed by the pandemic, serving as a testament to the unwavering dedication of frontline workers, emergency services personnel, and the valor of our military members. It also stands as a poignant memorial, forever commemorating fallen heroes like SGT. Andrew Harnett, whose sacrifice in 2020 left an indelible mark on our hearts and our community.

Stage 2

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