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Brave Park

Strathmore's Newest Public Park

Supporting our Frontline and Healthcare Workers

Brave Park is meant to inspire our next generation while honoring our past ones, to leave a mark in pages of history and ensuring that the ones who wrote the pages before us, are never forgotten.

About Brave Park

On December 22, 2020 a concept for a much-needed public use park was combined with a design to pay tribute to the PILLARS of OUR COMMUNITY and to HONOUR OUR HEROES – Brave Park was born. This park was conceived from our current state of public affairs in relation to the pandemic. It was also created to pay tribute to those frontline workers, emergency services personnel, military personnel and to memorialize fallen members, such as the recent tragedy with SGT. Andrew Harnett.

2 proposed public parks. In 2 stages.

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Stage 1 - Brave Park

Over 3 acres of programmable fields

-Massive play structure

-Memorial & tribute'S to our hero's - Brave Park
-2 phases

-Phase A is proposed to be completed by Summer 2021
-Phase B is proposed to be completed in 2022

Playground (1).png

Stage 2